Why I Sculpt

I sculpt because I have a passion for creating objects of beauty, which bring to life the musings of my imagination. I sculpt in steel because I am fascinated by the power, durability, energy and versatility of the metal.

Steel is a mysterious substance to me. Borne of a mix of elements blended deep in the earth's core over the millennia and refined in the blast furnace, steel is as organic and living as any substance on or under the earth. Steel represents great strength and mass (as in a powerful railroad locomotive), and yet, it can be shaped into the most graceful of objects (as in the elegant bridges spanning the San Francisco Bay, the Charles River in Boston or The Narragansett Bay at Newport.)

Cutting, shaping, joining …re-forming steel into art involves very primal activities. Heating, cutting, shaping, and joining metal at the hands of the sculptor helps bring to life an idea, an image, a feeling, which makes a statement about the human experience.

This is what excites me as an artist.

My personal goal is to create objects of beauty, which will embody and transmit these ideas, images and feelings to all who view and experience the work. Hopefully, those who view my work will experience and realize their own ideas, images and feelings from their interaction with the work.

If the result of that interaction pleases, enlightens, entertains and/or satisfies the viewer, I will have succeeded as an artist.