About The Artist

I have worked as a visual artist for more than fifty years, but, until recently, my medium has been performance art as an actor, director scenic designer and set builder. Among my many mentors, I note my father, Lyman (Bud) Rondeau – a folk artist; Adrian Hall – noted director; Angelo Rosati – teacher, painter, sculptor and friend; and Raymond Picozzi – teacher, author and dear friend.

I have taught theatre arts at the high school and college level and always striven to focus on art as a process as much as an outcome. It is through the process of creation that an artist grows in his art.

Creating beautiful art – on stage or in the studio – requires mastery of the concepts, the materials and the techniques required to fulfill the artistic vision.

My personal journey in art has always had a visual focus and sculpture was always included in my stage pictures and scenic work.

Years ago, I experimented in work with metal, but I lacked the training, tools, teachers and opportunity to become a serious metal artist. Still, I studied the masters – including the brilliant David Smith (American sculptor – 1906– 1965) whose work on every scale and with found metal objects, excited in me a need to learn and experience this wonderful medium.

Then, in 2005, a friend suggested that we take a course (Introduction to Sculptural Welding) at the STEEL YARD* in Providence, RI. We did, and a whole, new and exciting world materialized for me. There, under the tutelage and guidance of three artist/instructors (Dave Sharpe, Nate Nadeau and Howie Sneider) I have discovered, and am working to develop my potential as a sculptor in steel.

*A word about the Steel Yard.

“The Steel Yard is many things to many people. It is a foundry, a metal working shop, a ceramics studio and a blacksmithing shop. It is a base camp, a think tank, and a partner. Most broadly, and perhaps most importantly, the Steel Yard functions as a creative crossroads in Providence…. (It) is the only publicly available industrial arts center in Rhode Island. With over 9000 square feet of workshop and studio space located in the former site of the Providence Steel and Iron Company, the Steel Yard offers locally unmatched levels of access to those art forms through free or reasonably priced classes, workshops and open studios.” (from the Steel Yard newsletter Spring, 2007.)

For more information about this wonderful resource, contact the Steel Yard with the information below.

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